How Professional Wallpaper Removal Can Be Done


If you're tired of looking at the old wallpaper in your home, you may be ready to remove it and put up new wallpaper or paint. However, you may find that removing wallpaper isn't as easy as it seems. It can be a complicated process, and it must be done carefully so the plaster or drywall underneath isn't damaged. Here's why wallpaper is difficult to remove and ways it can be done.

Why Wallpaper Is Difficult To Remove

Newer types of wallpaper are often stripped off, so all the contractor has to do is get a corner loose and pull the wallpaper off. They'll also need to make sure the drywall isn't damaged and that adhesive left behind is removed when all the wallpaper is off. Older wallpaper was probably applied with adhesive. It may have been put over paint or it may have been painted over.

Repairs may have been done with glues not intended for use on walls, which makes the wallpaper impossible to get off without sanding. Many factors come together to determine how difficult and expensive a professional wallpaper removal project will be. Some old types of paper and adhesive are quite time-consuming to remove.

How Professional Wallpaper Removal Is Done

If wallpaper can't be stripped off, the glue usually has to be softened so the paper can be pulled or scraped off. This might require soaking a wall or using a steamer to loosen the adhesive. Both the paper and adhesive need to be removed. Sanding might be necessary in some cases. Your home could have multiple coats of paint and wallpaper, so you may not know for sure how involved the work will be until it starts. That's why using a professional wallpaper removal service is a good idea.

When Wall Repairs May Be Needed

It's likely the walls will have at least some damage when the wallpaper is off. Areas might need sanded or filled in. The wall needs to be smooth before new paint or wallpaper can be put on. The contractor might need to put on a skim coat. This is a coating of joint compound that's applied evenly over the entire wall. It fills in damaged areas so the surface of the wall is flat, smooth, and ready to be finished.

How The Walls Are Finished

When the wallpaper removal project is complete, the walls will be smooth and bare, but they still need paint or new wallpaper. The professional wallpaper removal contractor may also be your painting contractor, so they can apply primer and paint when the skim coat is ready. When the wallpaper is professionally removed, you'll never know it was ever there as there will be no trace or imperfections under the paint or new wallpaper when the work is done.

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17 July 2023

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