Painting A Rental Space: 3 Helpful Tips


As a landlord, balance is very important. On the one hand, you want to ensure the property is attractive to prospective tenants, but you also want to ensure your selections are durable and easy to maintain. These same factors matter when it comes to paint selection, but fortunately, it is possible to find this balance. Discover some helpful tips that can assist you with selecting paint for your rental property.  

Avoid the Cheapest Option

Owning a rental property does require following a budget if you want to maximize your profits, but there are some areas where you can focus on cutting costs and others where it is not helpful. When it comes to painting, you do not want to choose the cheapest option solely because of its price.

Cheap paint blends generally offer poor coverage, and they do not last as long. Given the turnover rate and the increased risk of tenant damage, you could end up spending more on multiple cheap paint applications than you would if you had purchased a higher-quality option.

Consider Washability

As you make a selection, you should also think about the washability of the paint blend, as not all paints wash as well as others. For example, matte paint has a bland appearance that looks good, but when you attempt to clean it, the water has the tendency to wash the color away.

However, something like a satin finish is the opposite. This selection has a low gloss finish and is much easier to clean without damaging the paint. The more washable the paint, the easier it is for the tenant to keep the property clean without damaging the painted finishes. 

Keep It Simple

In terms of color selection, it is typically best to keep it simple, especially if you do not allow your tenants to paint the property. Even though the tenant only plans to stay in the property temporarily, they still want to be in a space they like. Colors that are too vibrant or bold, such as blacks, blues, and purples, are generally not ideal.

Instead, neutral tones like shades of white, cream, and gray tend to be better options. Not only are these colors more palatable, but it is much easier to pair furniture and other decorative elements with them. 

If you need assistance with painting your rental property, a painting contractor will be more than happy to assist you. 


28 April 2023

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