Reasons To Have An Ombre Wall In Your Home


When you're thinking about hiring a painting contractor to repaint one or more of the rooms in your home, your first instinct might be to picture walls that have a solid color. While you'll likely take this approach with most of the walls, you may wish to get a little more creative on at least one of them. One idea to consider is an ombre wall. This term describes a wall in which the color changes from one shade to another on the wall. For example, you might have dark blue at the base, white at the top, and various shades of blue in between. Here are some reasons to have an ombre wall.

Allows You To Use A Bold Color

You might like certain bold colors but feel reluctant to have your painting contractor paint an entire wall in one of these hues. A red wall, for example, can sometimes seem a little intense. Choosing an ombre design allows you to use a bold color in a somewhat muted manner. If you like red, you'll get to have some bright red on the lower portion of the wall, but the wall's transition to a lighter shade such as white or off-white will make the red feel less intense.

Feels More Spacious

Some people might be eager to proceed with painting a wall in a dark color, but the drawback to this idea is that this type of wall can make the room feel smaller than it is. This can especially be problematic if you want a few of the walls in a room to appear in a dark shade. If you choose an ombre look for a particular wall, it will help the room to look far more spacious than if you were to proceed with painting the entire wall in a darker color.

Creates A Lively Look

The vast majority of walls that you see in peoples' homes are just a single color, and while this look can work well, you might be interested in something that is more lively. An ombre wall fits this description, creating an exciting visual addition to any room. Generally, people want just one wall in a room to have this look. It will be a focal point, and you may not feel the need to hang art or decorations on the wall because they'd interfere with the paint job. Contact a home interior painting contractor to learn more. 


27 September 2022

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