Tips To Paint Clean Edges On Any Wall


The edges of a room should have clean, straight lines where your wall meets your ceiling, or where your wall meets your baseboards and other trim. If you don't have a very steady hand, or you don't know how to paint properly, you could end up with jagged lines that are very noticeable depending on the color of paint you have chosen. Straight lines are difficult to achieve unless you're a professional painter. For the more novice painters, there are tools and ways to get the same clean, straight lines. Read on for some helpful tips to achieve this professional look in your home.

Use An Edging Tool

An edging tool is a small plastic tool with roller wheels on one end and a paint pad that applies paint to your wall or other flat surfaces you are attempting to paint. Dip the edging tool pad into the paint, making sure you don't get any paint onto the wheels of the tool, then apply the paint pad to the area you are attempting to paint. The wheels should be on the adjacent surface, allowing you to have a clean straight line every single time. You have to be sure you don't have any paint on the wheels, or you will end up with imperfect lines and a mess to clean up.

Use Painter's Tape

Painter's tape can help give you straight lines as well, but the lines will only be as straight as you apply the tape. You have to apply the painter's tape slowly and keep an eye on how even you have your tape. Apply the painter's tape around any area where you do not want to paint. Painter's tape is designed to prevent paint from bleeding through it. You can paint over the painter's tape without any paint getting onto the surface below it, although you may not want to apply too much paint to the tape, as you could still end up with some bleeding. Once you have finished painting, remove the painter's tape.

Use A Straight Edge

Using a straight edge can also help prevent paint from getting onto other surfaces, while also giving you a straight line every time. You will also need to prevent getting too much paint onto the backside of the straight edge to prevent any residual paint from getting wiped onto the surface beneath. Use a rag to wipe the straight edge from time to time to prevent this from happening.

If you are looking for clean, straight lines when you paint, use the information above to help, or you can hire a professional painter to get the look you want without doing the extra work yourself. For more information about residential interior painters, contact a local company.


17 May 2022

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