How An Exterior Painting Contractor Might Get Your House Walls Ready For Paint


Putting new paint on the exterior of your home gives your house a fresh new look. You may put off painting since it's so much work, and that's why you should consider hiring an exterior painting contractor.

The hardest part about exterior painting is getting the walls ready for the paint. That takes a lot of work if the old paint or your siding is in bad shape. Here's a look at what an exterior painting contractor might need to do before applying the new paint to your home.

Prep The Walls By Repairing Damage

If your siding has any damaged areas, the damages need to be repaired. This might include putting a new panel on or repairing cracks. All damage has to be repaired before the new paint goes on or the old damages will show through.

In addition, gaps on the walls need to be caulked so there are no openings where rain can seep through or where bugs can get in. If your siding has extensive damage, the painting contractor may have you call a siding contractor to make repairs. However, a painter can often make simple repairs to your home.

Wash The Walls To Get Rid Of Dirt And Stains

The next step is to wash the walls with a pressure washer. A pressure washer can often take off most of the bubbled old paint, but if it's necessary, the painter may need to scrape off the old paint and sand the area before washing. Care is taken not to drive the water under siding or to harm window glass when using the pressure washer.

The painter may use detergent or algae killers to remove stains and then rinse all the residue from the siding so the siding is ready to accept paint. Your home may be dirtier than you thought, and it should be much brighter once all the accumulated dirt has been sprayed away.

Apply Primer To Get Ready For Painting

The painter needs to apply primer to the siding before the paint goes on. Primer covers imperfections and the old paint color. Plus, it helps the new paint adhere better.

The painter can apply primer just like paint with a brush, roller, or sprayer being sure to cover all areas of the house that will be painted. Once the primer is dry, the exterior painting work can begin. Getting the walls ready for paint takes a lot of work.

It may take one or two days depending on how quickly the walls get dry and how fast the primer dries. However, the preparation steps are very important and could mean the difference between sloppy and professional results when the painter is finished.


24 March 2022

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