Exterior Painting: Colors To Paint Your Home To Make It Look Bigger And More Dimensional


Do you want your house to look bigger with more personality and depth? In order to make your home look more dimensional and larger, you have to use the right paint colors and techniques. Exterior painting can come in handy to make your home complete, and it can give you the results you desire in a great house. Here is where an exterior painter comes in. They can recommend paint colors and applications that will make your small, boxy home look larger and more dimensional for optimum curb appeal and personal enjoyment.

To feel more in control of your painting project and to help yourself feel inspired, use this guide to put you in the right direction regarding color. For further inspiration and assistance, ask your painting specialist to give you paint samples and to recommend the right colors for your home. Here are colors you can consider for painting your home to make it look bigger and more dimensional.

Light yellow or cream

If you want to stick to classic light colors but don't want to go with a stark white, go with a cream or a light yellow that isn't quite white, but isn't quite tan either. You will be able to make the most of your home's overall design if you make its main color something light and warm, which can give the impression that the house is larger overall. When doing exterior painting, make sure you choose paint meant to be used for outdoor projects, and not interior paint.

Earth colors for accents

After painting your home a solid light color, add accents in other lighter earth tones to both complement the main home's color and accentuate the unique shapes and curves of your home. The shutters, window frames, doorways, and other parts of your home can be painted a contrasting but equally warm and pleasing olive green, soft lilac, ocean gray, or even a light blue.

Be careful about choosing more than two or three colors for your home because you don't want to overwhelm your smaller home with too much color. The point is to accent your home's features in a soft and muted way, which can be approached with less rather than more with your exterior painting efforts. Your exterior painter can help make your painting project a success, which will be beneficial in keeping your home's inviting appeal overall. Your painter will charge you based on time and labor, so keep this in mind as you explore your budget. Contact a painting company for more information regarding exterior painting.


12 April 2021

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