Why Epoxy Flooring Works So Well In Commercial Spaces


There are so many different options out there for commercial floors. You can choose ceramic tile, stone tile, or even indoor-outdoor carpeting. One option that is becoming increasingly common, however, is epoxy flooring. There's a reason for this: epoxy works really, really well in commercial spaces! Below, you will find a summary of its advantages as a commercial flooring material.

1. There are no seams.

If you look at most commercial flooring options, the downfall is the seams. Dirt tends to collect in these seams, and it's really hard to clean out with a mop or even a floor cleaner. The seams also tend to contain some sort of grout or adhesive that wears out faster than the rest of the floor, leaving the floor looking worn and ugly within a few years. Epoxy flooring is poured into place, and it has no seams. This makes the floor easier to clean, and it also ensures it stays looking cleaner (and newer) for a lot longer than the alternatives.

2. It's non-porous and stain-resistant.

Most other commercial flooring surfaces are somewhat porous. Concrete, for example, will eventually absorb a spilled liquid, even if you apply some sort of finish to the surface. Epoxy is non-porous, so nothing sinks into it. If a customer walks in with a great, big mug of coffee and spills that coffee, you don't have to worry about it leaving a spot.

3. It can support heavy materials.

In a commercial space, you sometimes have to bring in heavy carts of products, equipment like forklifts, and other heavy materials. It is important that your floor can support the weight of these items without getting damaged or dented. Epoxy flooring has that ability. As an added bonus, when you wheel heavy equipment across the epoxy floor, you won't have to worry about the wheels getting stuck in any seams or chipping the edge of a flooring piece!

4. It can be custom-colored.

The color is mixed into epoxy before it is poured. The flooring company can add flecks of color or stone if you want. This allows you to customize the color of your flooring, which is really important in a commercial space where your color scheme reflects your business and reputation.

Commercial epoxy flooring is a really up and coming player in the commercial sector. You can learn more about it and get an estimate by calling a local flooring company.


17 July 2020

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