Tips For Low-Light Room Paint Selection


If your home has a room with little natural light, you may be wondering how you can brighten it up. If you suspect that the room's paint is contributing to how dark it feels, you might want to repaint it. Understanding the best paint colors for a low-light space can help you to get the final results you were hoping for. Here are a couple of the things that you should think about to help you choose the right paint color for that low-light space in your home.

What Colors Will Work Well

The first thing you need to know is which colors are going to actually work in a low-light space. You'll want to avoid dark colors, but you should also avoid white. Instead, you'll want to look at some specific colors that can brighten the space even with very little natural light.

You'll want to look at some neutral colors that have a warm undertone. Make sure that you steer clear of any shades that have a lot of black in the color mix, such as royal blues, deep purples, and dark browns. Instead, you'll want to look at shades such as warm yellows. Yellows are sunny colors that can add brightness to most any room. This is especially true if you incorporate light-colored accents.

Shades of lavender, light blue, and light pink are also good options. The light shades will bring some brightness into the room and won't have any dark hues to make the low-light area seem even darker. 

Why White Is A Poor Choice

Most people think of white paint when they are considering a paint color to brighten up a room. White's natural capability to reflect light will, in fact, make a room brighter. However, it will only do that if there's already light in the space for it to reflect. That makes it a poor choice for a low-light area because the lack of light means that white won't give you much of any benefit in a room like this.

In fact, without any significant light present in the room, a reflective shade of white paint is likely to draw more attention to the darkness in the space. This can make the room feel even dimmer than it already is.

The more you understand about choosing colors for low-light rooms, the easier it is for you to paint that space without having to worry about making it feel even darker and more confined than it probably already feels. Talk with a local interior painter today for more information.

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12 November 2019

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