Want To Paint An Interior Room? 4 Ways To Get It Right


Painting a room in your home is one of the best and most affordable ways to really transform how the room feels. If you want a nice paint job that will last, you need to know a few painting tricks in order to get everything right.

Use Primer

Before you start applying your dream paint color to the walls, you need to apply a layer of primer. Many paints now contain primer within the actual paint; however, even in those instances, it is always smart to apply a regular coat of primer first before applying the paint. 

The type of primer that you apply will vary based on what type of wall you are painting. If you are painting a brand-new wall that has new drywall on it, you are going to want to apply a water-based primer to the wall. If you are painting a wall that has been painted before, you are going to want to use an oil-based primer. Oil-based primers should also be used when painting paneling or walls that have smoke or water damage 

Stir the Paint Up

Before you start painting, you want to stir up the paint. The color of the paint can separate during storage, especially if it has been a while since the paint was mixed together. Use a modified stirrer that has holes in it. This will help the paint flow more smoothly as you stir it, and will help it mix together in a more even manner.

Avoid Overlapping Marks 

As you paint, you are going to want to make sure that you always have a wet edge that you are painting over. Apply a strip of paint that runs the entire length of the wall. Then, when you paint the next stroke, move your brush over a few inches and make another stroke that runs the enter length of the wall. Continue this process, overlapping the strokes with one another. This will help you avoid lap marks.

Don't Let the Paint Dry

Finally, don't let your paint dry out. As you use more paint from the can, the remaining paint is at a greater risk of drying out. Avoid this fate by putting plastic wrap under the lid and storing the paint upside down. You can also try the old golf ball trick, where you add a few golf balls to help fill the space.

Use these tips to help you easily transform an interior room in your home, or contact a house painting service for professional help with these projects. 


26 September 2019

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