Exterior Painting Tips For New Homeowners


The paint on the exterior of a home can be an important part of the building. However, the paint will eventually suffer wear that will require it to be replaced. Painting the exterior of a home is a task that homeowners will likely need to do every few years.

Will A Homeowner Always Need To Remove All The Previous Paint?

Prior to applying a new coat of paint to the exterior of your home, it will be necessary to thoroughly remove all of the previous paint. Otherwise, the new paint will be unable to effectively bind to the exterior of the house, which will lead to it starting to peel fairly soon after it is applied. Removing all of the previous paint can be one of the most time consuming and difficult parts of this process. However, professional painting services will have tools that will allow them to rapidly remove the old paint. In fact, these services may be able to remove all of the exterior paint within only a day or two for most homes.

Are The Benefits To Choosing Certain Colors?

The choice of colors for your exterior paint can play an important role for the home in several ways. For example, individuals that choose to paint their home darker colors will find that the house can be more prone to becoming hot as a result of absorbing the sun's light and heat. For this reason, homeowners can benefit from choosing neutral or light colors that will reflect most of the sun's light. An added benefit of neutral colors is that they are easier to keep clean, since small amounts of dirt and dust are unlikely to be very noticeable on neutral colors.

What Are Some Common Sources Of Damage To Residential Paint?

After painting a home, preventing the paint from suffering damage from common threats should be an important goal. More specifically, this should include protecting the exterior paint from being damaged by flying debris from lawnmowers. Preventing this source of damage will require guards being installed on the lawnmower that will deflect debris towards the ground. Plants that are too close to the home can be another source of significant damage to the exterior paint as these branches can rub against the paint with enough force to remove it or leave deep gashes in it. Trimming back these branches will help to prevent this problem from severely impacting your home's appearance.

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31 July 2019

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