Four Benefits Of Epoxy Floors For Businesses


The appearance of your business is important. When it comes time to update your floors, getting epoxy floors is a natural choice. These polymer-coated concrete floors are beautiful and highly customizable. Read on to see why they may be the right choice for your business.

They're Easy To Install

Epoxy flooring is a two-part polymer coating that is spread over concrete. Once the two parts are mixed together, there's a short time window to make sure they're applied properly. This means that your floor will be finished quickly.  This also minimizes the downtime for your business while they're being installed.

They Can Go On Existing Floors

If you have an existing concrete floor and you want to renovate it, epoxy is a natural choice. Epoxy can be used to cover an existing concrete floor that is in relatively good condition. This can save your business money on a completely fresh install for other flooring options.

If you decide to install epoxy over an existing concrete floor, it can't have an existing seal on the floor. This would have to be removed or the epoxy may not be able to adhere. You must also have any chips or cracks repaired in the concrete before having the epoxy applied.

They're Attractive

Epoxy floors are an attractive option for your business. The epoxy is able to be tinted to provide a wide array of color options. In business applications, these tints can be used to designate certain areas for organization or safety.

After you've decided on your tints, you can also choose to have a high gloss finish which can brighten up your business space without the need for additional lighting.

They're Damage Resistant

Once the epoxy seal has been applied, it makes your floor nonporous. This polymer seal helps protect the floor from chemical spills, oils, and water damage. This can be especially useful if your business gets a lot of traffic or deals with machinery.

Due to their nonporous nature, maintaining epoxy floors is easy. Even if your business is prone to a lot of spills, they're easily mopped or swept away from epoxy floors. It's not unheard of for epoxy floors to last over twenty years with proper care.

If an epoxy floor sounds right for you, you should reach out to your commercial epoxy flooring service. They will be able to work with you to go over design choices and determine if your existing floors are suitable for epoxy.  


23 May 2019

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