Want To Surprise Your Kid? Get Interior Painting For Their Bedroom


As your kid gets older, you will start to learn about all the things they like, such as colors, patterns, and activities. After paying attention to their likes and dislikes for long enough, you may realize their color and design preferences are staying the same even as several birthdays pass by.

If your kid's bedroom is somewhat neutral and plain, you may want to surprise them by changing the room in a drastic way. An excellent option is to paint several things in the room. Hiring painters to help with this process will make it easy to surprise them with a beautiful bedroom.


The first area that you should pay attention to is the walls in the bedroom. Painting this feature will have the greatest impact because it will be noticeable from everywhere in the room. If you know your child's favorite color but are not able to find a paint color that matches, you can show an example to a painter, and they can mix paint colors to create a match.

If you want to go above and beyond with the bedroom, you can hire a painter who is experienced with creating murals. While you can create a mural based on your kid's favorite show, movie, or game, you can also go with a more timeless look such as an animal or landscape scenery.


While many homeowners will not go through the effort of painting the ceiling, you may want to use the ceiling as another way to surprise your kid with an attractive bedroom. If your child is interested in space, you can paint the ceiling in a dark color such as black or gray and then add glow-in-the-dark stars and planets throughout the entire ceiling to create a desirable look.


Along with painting the ceiling and walls, you should not hesitate to paint the furniture as well. For instance, you can stain a wooden bed frame to give it a slightly different look, or you can use paint instead to make this furniture piece stand out in your child's bedroom. Some other furniture pieces that you may be able to paint include a dresser, nightstand, and storage chests.

If you want to surprise your kid with a freshly painted bedroom that you know they will love, you should consider hiring a local paint company like Fagan Painting that can help with every step of the process.


28 November 2018

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