Questions You May Have About Your Deck's Finish


Your deck may be one area where you and your family spend a sizable amount of your free time. While a deck can be extremely practical and useful for homeowners, these structures will experience some significant wear that will need to be mitigated if these structures are to last. This can make it extremely useful for a homeowner to have invested the time and energy in learning more about the wood finishes that coat their deck.

What Is The Purpose Of A Finish For Your Deck?

Homeowners can frequently fall for the assumption that the finish on their deck will only be for preserving the appearance of the wood panels. While a finish can help to keep the wood in your deck looking beautiful, there are some important structural benefits that this coating will also provide. For example, a finish can help to protect a deck against rot by being able to intercept moisture before it can enter the wood through small pores in the exterior.

How Will You Care For Your Deck's Finish?

A deck's finish will be extremely durable, but it will still require some basic care if it is to be preserved. Luckily, this type of care is fairly simple, as you will only need to regularly clean the finish and inspect it for signs of damage. Cleaning the finish is essential due to the fact that there are many substances that can gather on a deck. When these substances start to accumulate, they can be very damaging to the wood by trapping moisture, releasing acidic residues, or scratching the wood. As you are gathering the supplies to clean your deck, you should only buy supplies that are designed for use on outdoor decks to ensure that these chemicals avoid damaging the finish that protects this wood.

What Will Be Involved With Applying A New Finish To The Deck?

While sound care can greatly extend the life of a deck, it will eventually become necessary for the finish to be replaced. This can be a major process, but it can be essential for preserving the deck. During the first phase of this process, the previous finish will be removed by sanding it away. Next, the wood will be thoroughly pressure cleaned to remove any debris that may be left behind. Failing to ensure the wood is as clean as possible can greatly inhibit the effectiveness of the finish. Lastly, the new finish will be applied, and you will need to wait several hours or longer after this step in the process to ensure that it is thoroughly dry before using the deck.


5 December 2017

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