Want A Low-Maintenance Kitchen? Why You Should Paint The Walls In Gloss


The kitchen is a room that requires a lot of routine maintenance. Cleaning the stovetop, oven, countertops, sink, and floor are all necessary to keep your kitchen looking attractive. But, you can make things a little easier on yourself with qualities and features that work in your favor. Similar to how a self-cleaning oven will prevent you from having to clean it on your own, semi-gloss and high gloss paint will make it easier to keep the walls looking nice without requiring much work at all. So, it is a great idea to paint your kitchen in a glossy sheen to enjoy a low-maintenance feature.

Kitchen Grease Is No Match

On flat paint, grease will absorb right into the paint and need repainting to make it pretty again. This is not a problem that you will experience with glossy paint, as you can clean it up on your own. When frying food in a fryer or cooking with oil on the stove, it is possible for oil to splash. With glossy paint, you can handle even the toughest grease with vinegar, dish detergent, water, baking soda, and ammonia.

Scuffs Come Off Easily

Over time, your small appliances and other kitchen-related items will come into contact with the walls. Whether you are pushing your coffee maker to the back of the counter or moving around a dining table and chair set, accidentally hitting the wall can lead to noticeable scuff marks. Almost all scuffs are easy to remove when you have a cleaning eraser on hand that is strong enough to bring it out of the wall.

Prevent Mold Growth

Another thing that you should not underestimate with paint is the ability to resist mold. While basements and bathrooms are the primary areas in which you want this quality, it can also benefit you in the kitchen. After extensive cooking, you may notice that there is a lot of moisture buildup near the stovetop. This happens when a great deal of steam is released into the air while you are cooking a meal. So, it is a good idea to make sure that some or all of the glossy paint that is used has mold resistance.

Glossy walls may give your kitchen a shine that you are not used to having. But, the various benefits that come with this type of paint make it an excellent investment for a low-maintenance kitchen. Contact a company like Kucker Haney Paint Co to learn more.


20 June 2016

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