Four Wall Design Ideas To Make Your Child's Playroom As Fun As It Can Possibly Be


A playroom should be a space that allows your child to be able to express him or herself and play creatively. When designing the layout for the room, do not forget to make the most of the walls in the space. This guide below walks you through a few creative ways to make the walls unique and fun for your child's playroom.  

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is a type of paint that turns any surface into a chalkboard surface. Your child will be able to write on the surface with chalk and easily wipe it away with an eraser the same way he or she could any chalkboard. The chalkboard paint is now available in many different colors, so you can easily use the paint as an accent wall in the playroom.

Magnetic Paint

There is also paint available that will make the wall magnetic after only one coat of paint. The magnetic paint is designed to be used as a primer and is applied to the wall the same way you would apply any other paint to the wall. Once dry, you can cover the paint with any color of latex paint you want to create the exact look you want in the room. Once that dries, your child can use magnets to stick their artwork on the wall or play with magnetic toys in a fun and exciting way. To have even more fun, you could attach peel-and-stick magnets to the bottom of small toys, such as small cars, to allow your child to play with them on the wall.

Dry Erase Paint

Dry erase paint allows your child to be able to write on the walls with dry erase markers to create beautiful designs, practice writing, or simply draw whenever they choose. The walls can then be wiped clean with a clean, wet cloth whenever your child finishes writing on it.

Create a Building Wall

There are base plates available for building blocks that allow building blocks to attach to the plates and stay put until your child pulls the blocks loose. For a great way to allow your child to have a lot of fun building in a unique way, consider spraying adhesive spray onto the back of the base plates and then stick them to the wall. Your child will be able to build directly onto the wall, which could be really enjoyable for your child.

All of these unique and creative design elements are very inexpensive to do and will allow your child to have hours of fun in their playroom. All of these design ideas can be accomplished over the course of a weekend so that your child can start enjoying it as soon as possible. Click here to learn more about different paint products.  


20 June 2016

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