Three Tips To Make Preparing For Painting A Room Easier


Preparing to paint can be quite tedious and time consuming because there are so many things that you have to keep the paint from getting on. If you have to paint a room in your home, take the time to properly prepare for painting before you start to make the painting process a little easier. Use the guide below to learn a few painting preparation tips to make painting any room in your home a breeze.

Toss the Painters Tape

When you paint, you often have to line the edges of door frames, window frames, and even baseboards with painters tape to ensure that no paint gets on them. Pulling, ripping, and then applying the tape to the surfaces can be very time consuming and a bit irritating at times. Toss the painters tape and use petroleum jelly on the surfaces instead. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on all of the surfaces, except the ceiling, to protect them from the paint. The paint will not be able to stick to the jelly if you accidentally touch the brush on any surface you did not intend to touch. If jelly gets on the brush, you can simply wipe it off on a towel and keep going.

Wrap All of Your Door Knobs

Another issue that many people have when painting is protecting the door knobs in the room from paint. Typically, people wrap the knobs in newspaper and then wrap tape around the knob many times to keep the paper in place. Again, this is very time consuming and a bit annoying. Instead, simply grab some tin foil and squish it around the knob. The foil will stay in place on its own and your knob will be fully protected from the paint.

Use a Tarp as a Drop Cloth

Finally, when you are painting, simply place a tarp on the floor as a drop cloth to protect the floor from paint droplets. Tarps are very inexpensive and are waterproof so you do not have to worry about paint soaking them, if any does spill on it while you are painting.

Once you are done painting, you can wipe away the petroleum jelly, remove the tin foil, and fold up the tarps to reveal a perfectly painted room. No one will know that you took a few short cuts in the preparation process and you will have saved a lot of your valuable time in the long run. To learn more, contact a professional painting contractor


17 June 2016

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