Three Maintenance Tips For Wood Fences


Having a fence on your property can be an excellent upgrade to both the appearance and security of your property. For those with wood fences, it is important to take preventative steps to keep the fence safe from some routine forms of damage. Sadly, new homeowners may not be familiar with these steps, but if you use these three tips, you should find that your fence is better able to avoid some common issues.

Keep Your Fence Clean

Cleaning a fence can be one of the more important tasks that you do for both its appearance and structural integrity. Over the course of time, it is possible for large amounts of dirt and debris to gather on the fence. When this occurs, it can contribute to rotting and discoloration. Fortunately, cleaning a fence is not a particularly difficult task as this work can be done by using a pressure washer to remove these substances.

Have It Sealed Every Few Years

Rot can be one of the more common threats that your fence will have to avoid. While sealants can be a very effective solution for minimizing the risk of rot developing, there are some homeowners that fail to realize the importance of having these substances applied to the fence. However, a sealant will essentially form a waterproof layer over the wood fence, which will help to prevent moisture from soaking into the pores of the wood.

Unfortunately, exposure to the elements will cause this protective layer to degrade as time passes, which makes it important for you to have a fresh coat of sealant applied every few years to the fence. While it may seem like an inconvenient task to do, it can be essential for preventing your wood fence from prematurely developing rot. You can work with a company like Artios Painting to make sure this task gets done right every year or so.

Monitor The Fence For Insect Damage

Insects can be another common source of damage to wood fences. If left unchecked, an insect problem can cause severe structural and aesthetic issues for your fence because these pests may create holes in the wood. In addition to creating an eyesore, these holes can also allow water to seep deep into the wood, and when this happens, it can expose it to a higher risk of developing rot.

Protecting your fence against this threat will require you to routinely walk its length so that you can inspect it for insect damage. When you notice small holes or other signs of insects, you will need to have the fence professionally treated wit powerful pesticides. Ideally, you should perform check the fence for signs of insect damage at least once every few months.


13 June 2016

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