3 Ways To Update A Cramped Laundry Room With Interior Painting


Taking care of the laundry throughout the week is a chore that is best taken care of at home due to the inconvenience of visiting a laundromat, but it can be difficult to do without frustration if your laundry room is small in size. While you may not have the budget for maximizing the space through actual construction work, you can still make a big difference by adding a fresh coat of paint. If you're unsure of how to get started with interior painting in your laundry room, consider some of the following tips for opening up a room with limited square footage.

Try Stripes for Visual Interest

An easy way to make a room look taller or longer width-wise is by adding painted stripes to the walls. By painting stripes in a room, you can also have more freedom over the colors you choose and make the room more visually interesting to the eye.

If painting stripes sounds like something you're interested in doing, you need to take your time lining up painter's tape so that it's straight and evenly spaced. If this sounds like a task you cannot complete on your own with confidence, it's best to rely on professional help so that the stripes are evenly painted.

Stick with Lighter Color Palettes

If you want to make the laundry room feel larger and the room is currently painted a dark color, the best thing to do may be applying a lighter color of paint. When choosing lighter shades, it's best to stick with something neutral that looks appealing and will still fit in with the rest of the color scheme in your home. Some good options to consider include light grey, blue, and pale yellow.

Divide the Wall with Trim

An easy way to make the laundry room feel larger is by adding some trim. Not only can this make the walls appear taller, it can also add some visual interest to the room at the same time. By dividing the wall up and adding more things to look at in the laundry room, you can make the room feel larger and avoid making it feel too blocked off.

As you look into getting your laundry room painted, it's a good idea to look for lighter shades that will maximize the square footage and allow the room to feel big enough to enjoy doing your laundry in. 

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1 June 2016

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